Piatnik OPTI Contact Lenses Marked Magic Decks For Poker

Magic, a performing art, uses some natural means to stage tricks or illusions of seemingly impossible feats. Poker magic shows were a common source of entertainment at fairs. For example,…

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Magic, as a performing artist, is the use of natural means in order to perform tricks or illusions that seem impossible. The poker magic show was a popular form of entertainment for fairs. Magic decks marked with numbers are a good example. The magicians know exactly what the numbers and suits are of the cards that the audience has chosen (Piatnik OPTI). The illusion is that they are able to see things from a different perspective. To confuse the audience, they use marked contact lenses for magic poker decks.

What kind of magic weapon do they use?

Marked magical cards are decks of cards with invisible ink printed on the back. The markings consist of the card number and suit. The markings are invisible to the naked eye. To see them you can use the Infrared Contact Lenses, or the Perspective Glasses Poker. This system is very popular among poker players, as they can get the result instantly.


There are two main types of magic decks marked with contact lenses for poker. On the back, there is a big card suit and a number in the center. The other option is to place small numbers with suits in each of the corners. Different reasons can influence the choice of markings. You can choose the big mark if you want to be a card magician. This will allow you to see clearly the magic decks even from six meters away. For poker card games you can use any of the marked contact lenses.

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Blue / Infrared Marks / Infrared Contact Lenses Poker, Blue / Ultraviolet Marks / Infrared Contact Lenses Poker, Red / Infrared Marks / Infrared Contact Lenses Poker, Red / Ultraviolet Marks / Infrared Contact Lenses Poker


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