Fournier No.1 UV Ink Marked Playing Cards

Fournier No. 1 UV ink marked playing cards have undetected marks on the back for UV ink contact lenses to see clearly and people with naked eyes can’t see such…

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Fournier No. One UV ink marked card has undetectable marks on the back that only UV ink contacts lenses can see. People with naked eyes cannot see these marks.

Fournier No. The No. 1 cards can be marked with UV ink to make them a hot seller. Fournier No. 1 is available in both 54 and 40 card versions. The red and blue decks are also available. Fournier NO. 1 marked playing cards will be prepared according to the orders. We will prepare the Fournier NO. These playing cards are marked by our technicians with UV luminous markers using a special machine. This ensures that the marks will not be visible to others.


The Fournier No. The 1 UV marked cards can have big numbers and suits on the middle back or four small marks at the corners that also indicate the suit and the number. We can mark the cards in either of the two ways above, or we can make special marks to suit your needs if you are ordering large quantities.

Please contact us for further information if you require UV-marked playing cards.

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Blue / 40 cards / Barcode, Blue / 40 cards / IR & UV, Blue / 50 cards / Barcode, Blue / 50 cards / IR & UV, Red / 40 cards / Barcode, Red / 40 cards / IR & UV, Red / 50 cards / Barcode, Red / 50 cards / IR & UV


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