Fournier 2818 Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Fournier 2818 marked playing cards are commonly used in Russia and other Russian speaking countries, such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and so on. Fournier is a famous Spain brand of…

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Fournier marked playing cards 2818 are used widely in Russia and other Russian-speaking nations, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania etc. Fournier, a well-known brand in Spain of playing cards, can be trusted to mark all Fournier contact lenses marked cards with invisible markings. Fournier 2818 marked playing cards come in six colors, including red and black, brown and pink, orange, and green. This card does not have a box like other Fournier cards.


Fournier contact lenses marked cards are characterized by a simple pattern at the back. It is easier in this case to adjust and mix the luminous paint. Ink adjustment is harder with more complete cards as we must consider the qualitative change of the card. We always advise our customers that to get a better result under the different types marked cards contact lens, they should mark the cards with big marks in middle, red cards with dark markings, and blue with bright markings. We can mark your cards in a variety of ways. For example, you may want to have small marks placed on the corners of each card or mini-marks along the white lines. If you are planning to serve special clients, please contact us as soon as possible.

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