Casino Cheating Device Lamp Hole Camera

Casino cheating device lamp hole camera is one of the most practical long-scanning distance scanner for poker analyzing system. With the special procession in this lamp camera, its lighting function…

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This casino cheating system lamp hole camera has the best scanning distance for poker analysing system. This lamp camera will maintain its lighting ability with the help of a special processing. A mini poker camera installed inside the lamp is not likely to raise suspicions.

More and more casinos, hotels, and other establishments are preventing the placing of any non-essential items on tables, including a cell phone, power bank or car key. Even a water bottle is not allowed. The best option for those who want to play tricks is a top-quality lamp hole scan camera that can be used at a distance.


This page provides a range of scanning distances between the lamp hole camera casino cheating and barcode marked cards. Our professional manufacturers will make suggestions based on the location you choose to install your lamp hole camera. This will ensure that you get the best scanning results. Occasionally, the scanner is mounted on the wall. Players are required to provide more details, such as the distance between the table and scanner and the height and width of the table. The more accurate the data that you provide, the less time it will take to design the light.

The last but not the least, we offer the player detailed video and photo instructions on how to install and operate the casino cheating devices lamp hole cameras in the most effective way.

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Black / Metal / Wireless 2.37G, Black / Metal / Wireless 2.47G, Black / Metal / Wireless 2.57G, Black / Plastic / Wireless 2.37G, Black / Plastic / Wireless 2.47G, Black / Plastic / Wireless 2.57G, Others / Metal / Wireless 2.37G, Others / Metal / Wireless 2.47G, Others / Metal / Wireless 2.57G, Others / Plastic / Wireless 2.37G, Others / Plastic / Wireless 2.47G, Others / Plastic / Wireless 2.57G, White / Metal / Wireless 2.37G, White / Metal / Wireless 2.47G, White / Metal / Wireless 2.57G, White / Plastic / Wireless 2.37G, White / Plastic / Wireless 2.47G, White / Plastic / Wireless 2.57G


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