Copag Texas Holdem Poker Cheat Cards

Copag Texas Holdem poker cheat cards are widely used in Europe and Brazil as they have 2 versions. There aren’t a bit different on the back pattern, just the color…

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Copag Texas Hold’em cheat cards, which come in two different versions, are very popular in Europe and Brazil. Just the colors will differ. There is no difference in the pattern on the back. Copag Texas Hold’em cards made in Belgium come in red and black while the cards from Brazil have burgundy/black. The cards are both poker size with jumbo faces, and it’s hard to tell them apart by looking at the front.


Copag Texas Hold’em cheat cards are a rare exception. They are very difficult to adjust even though they have simple patterns. How do we choose the best Copag Texas Hold Em cheating deck?

1. Check if the cards are sticking together. Packing cards together with wet ink will cause the cards to stick together. This will make the user feel bad.

2. Be more attentive to the marks. Invisible marks that are perfect can be seen by infrared lenses, but not by the human eye. In addition, the number must be accurate on their back.

3. The front face of the card and the white line should be checked, in particular. Dirty Cards are easily a source of suspicion for other players.

4. Checking whether the cards are still in the original packaging. Do not miss any card pieces.

Following the information presented above, it should be possible to identify the best poker cheating cards.

Copag Texas Holdem Poker cheat cards are available at the best online store. Copag marked cards are available for use with the marked-deck detector.

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