Copag Class Legacy Poker Cheat Playing Cards

Copag Class Legacy playing cards were published in 2017 years which came out at the same time almost as Copag Neo poker cards. We all know Copag legacy is just…

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In 2017, Copag Class Legacy cards were released, almost at the same time as Copag Neo Poker cards. Copag Legacy is only one of the six types of Copag Class playing cards. However, it’s the type that would work best for marking with invisible ink to sell as cheating cards. The back patterns aren’t as complex and deep, so it is easier to adjust and mix ink.


Copag Class Legacy cheat cards are plastic cards that are waterproof, washable and bendable. They are not easily deformed. This means that they have a longer service life than paper cards. They can even be recycled and repeated. The bridge design is great for holding, and the jumbo indicator is easily recognizable from 3 meters away. You can also use infrared lenses to control your fate after you mark the middle of the back with large marks. Copag Class Legacy cheating cards can be used for more than 3 months, and even more than 2 years without opening the package.

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Jumbo Index / Blue / Infrared Camera, Jumbo Index / Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses, Jumbo Index / Blue / Poker Analyzer, Jumbo Index / Red / Infrared Camera, Jumbo Index / Red / Infrared Contact Lenses, Jumbo Index / Red / Poker Analyzer, Poker Size / Blue / Infrared Camera, Poker Size / Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses, Poker Size / Blue / Poker Analyzer, Poker Size / Red / Infrared Camera, Poker Size / Red / Infrared Contact Lenses, Poker Size / Red / Poker Analyzer


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