Italian Modiano No.98 Playing Cards Cheating Tricks

Modiano playing cards cheating tricks are very prevalent and common in Italy, especially No.98. In the first place, they are the same as unprocessed poker decks in terms of durability,…

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Modiano cheating playing cards is very common in Italy. First of all, they have the same durability, flexibility, and appearance as unprocessed cards.

Modiano No.98 cards: how to cheat when playing casino tricks? When card manufacturers mark with luminous, invisible ink on the cards? Back, we can only see the suit and number of each cheating poker deck. The texture will remain the same. After marking, the MODIANO No.98 plastic playing cards will keep their durability. Moreover, the marking patterns can be customized. In general, manufacturers mark their cards in two different patterns. The first is a jumbo number in the middle, while the second is four small fonts at the corners. If you don’t want to use these patterns, you can give your detailed specifications to manufacturers such as our GS firm and we will meet all of your needs. You can also send your specific requirements to our GS company, and we will be able to meet the needs of our customers.


We offer not only customized services, but also cheat cards of high quality. Not to mention, we offer the cheating cards for a fair price. More decks purchased, more discounts.

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