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Poker winner predictor, it is the additional advantage poker device for each player to look forward when they are at the poker games in that the right assistance can prove…

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Poker Winner Predictor is an additional poker advantage that every player can look forward to when they play poker. This device can be the difference in between winning and losing. Take Texas Holdem as an example. It is based on the winning chances of each player. If you know the outcome in advance, it will be very helpful to you in order to be the most successful in the game. On the market of poker cheating devices, the odds calculater is called the poker winner predictor because it has so many advantages.


CVK 400 poker predictor includes a poker scanner (local and wireless), barcoded cards and earpiece. Each component plays a unique role in the process. Here’s the entire process of these magic poker tools. First, the poker scanner camera scans all the barcodes on the cards. Then, the phone analyser receives and analyzes the signals. Finaly, the poker players can hear the results through the mini spy-earpiece. Even though it may look a bit complex, it takes only 0.5 seconds. Poker winning predictor has many features, including high accuracy, security and portability. It is no wonder that many poker enthusiasts are fond of this card winning hand predictor.

Where to purchase the best quality CVK400 poker winner predictors? A large number of poker players will find our company to be a great choice. Our company not only offers the best poker winner prediction but also provides the best service. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

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