Copag Export Bridge Size Marked Poker Cards

How can we use Copag Export marked poker cards with bridge size in the different poker games? They are quite different from the original playing cards as we marked with…

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How can we play poker with Copag Export marked bridge size poker cards? The cards are marked with invisible ink, so they look different but don’t have any changes to their appearance. It is safe to use at Texas Hold’em games, Omaha or Baccarat. How could the marks be invisible? Here are some scientific bases.


We must first understand the spectrum. The visible band falls between 100-780nm. In the band above 800-nm we must use a camera to view it, like our infrared-marked cards. In addition, the invisible ink that we use to mark cards is also known as infrared. To read the infrared markings, we will need either infrared or contact lenses. This contact lens is different from the normal contact lenses we use in our daily lives. It uses the Sandwich Process technology to reinforce the infrared on transparent contact lenses. This could hurt your eyes. It won’t alter your eye color while reading the invisible marks.

Copag marked poker cards are red and blue and have the same back pattern. The bridge size allows you to hold the cards by yourself. Also, it’s made of plastic so it lasts longer. It could be the best choice when you choose Copag marked cards.

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Blue / Barcode / DHL, Blue / Barcode / EMS, Blue / Barcode / Fedex, Blue / IR markings / DHL, Blue / IR markings / EMS, Blue / IR markings / Fedex, Blue / UV markings / DHL, Blue / UV markings / EMS, Blue / UV markings / Fedex, Red / Barcode / DHL, Red / Barcode / EMS, Red / Barcode / Fedex, Red / IR markings / DHL, Red / IR markings / EMS, Red / IR markings / Fedex, Red / UV markings / DHL, Red / UV markings / EMS, Red / UV markings / Fedex


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