Audi Car Key Scanner Camera Poker Card Reader

Audi car key camera is the latest product in our company. Before, we have Toyota and BMW car key cameras. But now Audi car key camera is also on sale….

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Audi car key cameras is our newest product. Toyota and BMW car keys cameras were our previous products. Audi key cameras are now also available. The car key scanner camera can be a good choice for owners. Car key is an everyday item. The car key poker camera was made from a real Audi key, so it won’t cause any harm to other players. The key poker camera is made from a real Audi car key so they won’t make other players suspicious. suspicion. Second, the size of the car key is very small. It is easy to carry. It is easy to carry.

You can place the car key onto the poker table to better scan side-marked cards. The car key camera can be customized with different scanning distances. Distances between 25-40 cm are common. Dealers will find this distance convenient because they are near the cards. If you can? If you can?


Audi’s key-poker scanning camera has a transmitter. This scanner can send the information to an analyzer once it has finished scanning. It cannot. It can? It must work with poker analyser. Our Audi car key poker scan can be used with any poker analyzer.

You can use the Audi poker scanner to wait for the analyzer’s results. It is now easier to win.

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20-40 CM / Blakc / Metal, 20-40 CM / Blakc / Plastic, 20-40 CM / Gold / Metal, 20-40 CM / Gold / Plastic, 20-40 CM / Gray / Metal, 20-40 CM / Gray / Plastic, 20-40 CM / Others / Metal, 20-40 CM / Others / Plastic, 20-40 CM / Silver / Metal, 20-40 CM / Silver / Plastic, 8-20 CM / Blakc / Metal, 8-20 CM / Blakc / Plastic, 8-20 CM / Gold / Metal, 8-20 CM / Gold / Plastic, 8-20 CM / Gray / Metal, 8-20 CM / Gray / Plastic, 8-20 CM / Others / Metal, 8-20 CM / Others / Plastic, 8-20 CM / Silver / Metal, 8-20 CM / Silver / Plastic


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