X Ray Contact Lenses Playing Cards

X ray contact lenses playing cards are a type of special marked cards contact lens that it works with poker deck marked with X-ray ink. They are also known as infrared contact lenses, invisible ink contact lens and luminous ink contact lens. They are the most popular product for cheating at poker games.

The main feature of X ray contact lenses is that they can see the invisible marks on the back of the marked playing card through the infrared waves. So, you can see the suits and values on all cards in a single glance. They are also easy to wear and safe. They are the most effective poker cheating devices on the market.

These special X ray contact lenses look normal and are made from high-quality materials. The lenses have a darkened purple filter in the middle of the lens that can make your eyes less noticeable when you wear them. You can choose from different tint sizes for different colors of eyes. They are suitable for any type of poker game and can be worn without being noticed by the other players for a long period of time.

YouTube videos show a person using X ray contact lenses to see the hidden marks on a back of a playing card. However, this is a trick. There is no contact lenses that can see past regular playing cards.

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