Luminous Ink Contact Lenses

Luminous ink contact lenses can be used to see marked cards clearly, which are widely used in poker games and magic tricks. These lenses are made from the same material as normal contact lenses and won’t harm your eyes. But they must be taken care of properly. You will need to clean your lenses regularly with a solution and only wear them for an hour or so at a time.

The purple tint of these luminous ink lenses allows them to see the marks on marked card. The purple color of the lenses helps them receive the IR reflected by the invisible ink. The cards can be seen even though they appear to be clean and normal from the outside.

A man was arrested after he was accused of using luminous contact lenses to cheat in a casino. The 54-year-old from Summit, New Jersey, reportedly marked cards with the luminous ink at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Sunday. He’s charged with conspiracy to commit larceny, criminal impersonation and being a fugitive from justice.

The package includes two sets of our luminous contact lenses, a glass protective bottle, a contact case, a contact grip tweezer, discrete storage boxes and a deck professionally printed Bee or Bicycle marked cards. The lenses have a contact filter that’s 7 mm (a little bigger than the size of your pupil) so they can be used for any eye color.

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