Poker Cameras

Poker cameras, also called lipstick cams and pocket cams, are making the game of poker much more fun and interesting for both professionals and amateurs. These tiny cameras allow TV viewers and others to see the hands of poker players on televised television much closer than ever before.

These cameras are often used to capture the action at the poker table. They are also very popular in online poker, allowing anyone who is unable to travel to a live event to see the action on their computer or mobile device.

Hole Cards Camera

A hole cards camera can be placed under a panel of glass or underneath a table. Depending on the camera’s setup, it can display a player’s face down cards to the viewers without exposing them to other players at the table.

Henry Orenstein invented it and it changed the way that TV poker shows were covered. This brought the game to the forefront. Until Orenstein invented the camera, televised poker was an excruciatingly dull experience as viewers were forced to wait for the showdown in order to see the players’ hands.

Orenstein, a self-taught poker player and an entrepreneur, had a knack for making things happen, as evidenced by his successful career in the casino business. He was driven by this entrepreneurial spirit and in 1984, patented the hole card camera.

The invention the hole card camera made it possible to broadcast televised Poker, which has since become one among the most popular forms for entertainment on TV. Orenstein, who passed away December 14, at 98, was a part of the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame.

Chip Tray Camera

The chip tray is a very common item at a poker table. This item is a good place for poker scanner camera because it does not need to be exposed and can be installed inside the chip tray, and no one will realize that this is a cheating device.

Lighter Camera

If you are a poker blogger, you might use a lighter camera to scan playing cards marking barcodes for cheats. This is a high-security cheating tool as it is virtually invisible and doesn’t require installation.

It is important to keep in mind that the poker scanner camera must be used only at the set time and distance from any marked decks of cards. This will prevent any possible damage of the card marks.

A cuff button poker scanner camera is another type of poker analyzer that can be used to scan marked decks of cards on the poker table. This is a highly secure gambling cheating device, as the player will only realize it is a scanner when they take their chips.

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