Marking Cards With Invisible Ink

Marking cards with invisible ink is a very common way to cheat in poker games. The back of the luminous marked cards is marked with magic ink that can only be seen by wearing polarized contact lenses or sunglasses. This type of cards marking kit requires a pen to mark the cards, and a pair or invisible ink contact lenses or glasses.

These luminous pens have been designed to write invisible messages. You can only read them if you use the special lenses. They are stylishly designed to look like sunglasses. You can also use the lenses to view invisible messages written on a surface. In the past, spies would use this type of marker to write secret information on white paper, and they could only be revealed by placing the document under a UV light.

A man in Connecticut was recently arrested for allegedly using invisible ink to cheat at a game of Texas hold’em at the Mohegan Sun casino. The suspect, Bruce Koloshi, believed that his marked cards could only be seen by him. However, surveillance operators at the casino noticed the ink and notified police, who caught him in the act. Koloshi admitted to using invisible ink to cheat in the game, which is illegal in casinos. He was charged with felony gambling fraud. He is due to appear in court on Sept. 27 in New Haven, Conn.

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