Marked Cards Invisible Ink

Marked cards invisible ink are poker playing cards that have been marked with invisible marks. The invisible markings only appear through special contact lenses or sunglasses. These glasses allow you to read the cards’ values and suits even if the cards are hidden from your eyes. Invisible ink markings are often used by magicians for card tricks and are a great way to win games of poker. The invisible markings can also help you to remember what cards you played.

A few years back, invisible ink mainly was used by spies for communication with other agents. Invisible ink can be used for a variety of purposes, including secret messages written on the backs playing cards. This type of ink does not last forever, but will last for a long time if the cards are kept clean. It is also possible to use invisible ink for marking other types of paper, such as notepaper and envelopes.

There are many different types of marked cards, including bar code and infrared. The best marked card is printed with invisible ink. This ink cannot be seen by a poker analyzer or the naked eye, but it can be detected using a spy IR cameras. The cards should also be free of stains as they will be visible to other players and dealers.

Whether you need invisible ink cards for scanning or luminous marked cards, we have a deck of playing cards that is right for you. We carry a wide variety of Modiano marked cards, Copag marked cards, Dal Negro marked cards, Bee luminous marked cards and more, all at very affordable prices.

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