Smart Poker Table Scanner Review

If you are a poker player you know how important it is to find the right opponents and the right table in order to maximize your profit. It takes a long time to manually search for weak competitors, and this can lead to frustration and money loss. This is why professional players use Smart Table Scanner to automate the process.

It connects to HM2 databases and Hand2Note database to extract relevant stats and identify weaker players. The program will open tables that match the filters you have set and either seat you there or add you to a waiting list. The program works on 888poker as well as in the iPoker networks (Winner poker Betfair poker and Titan Poker). On the official website, it is stated that PokerStars Support will be available in the near future at an additional fee.

You can save the results and review them whenever you want. You can also record the hands and share with your coach and friends.

Leak detector is a useful feature that analyzes the game to find weak points where you are losing chips. This way you can correct your mistakes and improve your game.

The latest update has brought a significant improvement in the performance of the software. The software now uses Holdem Manager server to retrieve player names, tables and other information at lightning speed. Current customers will continue to enjoy **Client-Side scanning and can upgrade to Insta-Scan for $9.99/month. All licenses come with free updates and technical assistance via Skype and the forum.

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