Poker Cards Marking Reading Contact Lenses

Poker Cards Marking Reading Contact Lenses is a special contact lenses that can see all kinds of marked decks of cards. It is very useful for magic in performance show and other cheating games.

The marked cards are usually printed with invisible ink on the back pattern, but these marks cannot be detected by the naked eye. To read the marks, you need a pair of contact lens or sunglasses that can recognize infrared light. This type of marking is very effective for poker cheating and can be used in many types of card games, including Texas Hold’em.

These luminous poker cards have a special design that makes them look like ordinary playing cards. They have a special ink that is injected into the back of the card and is invisible to the naked eye. Using the IR marked cards with a pair of glasses, you can see the invisible ink and read the numbers and suits on the card. This method is very safe and convenient to use.

When you buy poker invisible marked decks, you need to choose a good pair of contacts that match your eyes color. If you have light color eyes, you should consider buying the best contact lenses that will not make your eye color darker than its natural colors. In addition to being comfortable to wear, these contacts are also very affordable and have a long lifetime. They are the best choice for poker players who want to play a game without having to worry about other people noticing their eyes.

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