Baccarat Dealing Shoe Cheat Device for Poker Scanning System

We have matched cheating devices to help you win in games no matter what games. Today, I would like to introduce you to dealing shoes with a secret poker scanner…

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We have the right cheating device to help you win any game. Today, let me introduce to you a pair of dealing shoes that have a secret camera poker scanner for Baccarat cheating. The innovative team at our company installed a camera lens hidden inside the shoe to scan invisible barcode marked cards. You will definitely be the big winner at Baccarat with this amazing device.

Baccarat Cheat Shoe: Features and Benefits

  • Black and Transparent for your selection.
  • Choose from 2-deck, 4 deck, 6-deck or 8-deck shoes depending on your requirements.
  • The battery will last approximately 8 hours. If you need to recharge the battery, it is equipped with a charger.
  • The poker scanner camera is hidden so well that it’s hard to find. The poker dealing shoe, unlike other cheating devices for poker, does not raise suspicions during the game.
  • A remote control is included to enable the poker cam if needed.


What are the Baccarat Cheating Devices?

  1. Before you place the shuffled cards into the deal shoe, switch on the scanning device.
  2. Then, connect the poker analyzer to your dealing shoe. Keep your distance to within 5 meters. The closer your distance, the more powerful the signal, and the faster results you will get.
  3. The analyzer will then tell you if the banker won or the player. Wireless spy headphones are required to use the analyzer, and they can provide the result within 0.03 second.

A standard AKK or CVK analyzer can only scan up to 2 decks in one go. It is therefore recommended to buy a customized analyzer if your requirement is to scan multiple decks. Moreover, we offer the service of customizing the shoe with a specific poker scanner.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the product and its price.



Black / 2-Deck, Black / 4-Deck, Black / 6-Deck, Black / 8-Deck, Transparent / 2-Deck, Transparent / 4-Deck, Transparent / 6-Deck, Transparent / 8-Deck



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