Gambling Glasses for Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Gambling glasses are common devices to detect the luminous marks on invisible ink playing cards. Luminous marked cards have been processed with invisible ink so we can??t see the marks…

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Gambling glasses can be used to detect luminous markings on playing cards. The invisible ink has been used to create the luminous marks on playing cards. The marks on the cards are not visible to our naked eye.


Both infrared lenses and contact lenses can detect invisible marks. Contact lenses may not be suitable for every player and cannot always be used. Contact lenses are not always available. Some people can? Some people can? The lenses cannot be placed near a source of fire, such as a barbecue. The lenses can’t be placed near places that have a fire source, such as a barbecue. Infrared gambling glasses can be helpful at this time.

No need to worry about burning glasses in the eye.

You can look stylish with our invisible ink gambling sunglasses. The sunglasses look like regular glasses, so other players won’t be able to detect them. They look like normal glasses so they won? You can wear them to many poker gambling events. What? The special glasses will also increase your odds of winning at poker. The Infrared Sunglasses must be used with playing cards marked in invisible ink because they cannot see through normal cards. The normal playing cards are not visible to the infrared sunglasses.

You only need a deck of poker cards marked with numbers and gambling glasses to play poker gambling. The glasses will help you to know the other players. You can make better decisions by knowing the cards of other players.



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