Card Game Analysis

Creating card games is a fun and engaging way for students to create a tangible product and connect with the characters and events in a book. As you move students through the brainstorming, designing, and production phases of their card games, it is a good idea to have them engage in impromptu discussions and feedback sessions with one another. This will help you gauge the level of comprehension of your students. It will also help you determine if additional instruction is needed with certain topics such as game rules, directions, and card content.

For example, War of the Ring CG is a great card game that is extremely accessible for a wide range of players. However, the game does have some cons such as an overabundance of randomness in card draws and flips. In addition, the game often feels unbalanced from a strategic standpoint.

Moreover, it’s important to consider the app store optimization of your card game before its release. This includes using the right keywords to ensure that your game is easy to find in the app store. You can use app intelligence tools to spy on competitors’ keywords and see what words are getting the most traffic so you can optimize your own. Finally, be sure to include a clear game-ending condition that ties back to the theme of your card game. This will keep users engaged and increase your chances of retaining them for the long run.

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