Quality Marked Playing Cards With Glasses For Cheating

Quality marked playing cards with glasses for cheating are available here. By adopting the newest laser dyeing technology, our poker cheating sunglasses are capable of reading invisible ink playing cards…

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Here you can find high-quality marked cards and glasses for cheating. Our poker cheating glasses are able to read invisible ink playing card very clearly, even from a distance, by using the latest laser dyeing technology. Many people want to know how to use sunglasses properly and how to maintain them.

The marked cards can be used with glasses in the same way as unprocessed cards. It is difficult to detect the marked cards with naked eyes due to their flawless appearance.

Marked cards with that can see UV Ink is also known as infrared contact lenses. They can be divided into different types such as those for gray eyes, brown eyes and even all eye colors. There are different types of UV-ink glasses for each person. Cosmetic lenses will change the color of our eyes, unlike cosmetic contact lenses. The playing cards glasses are designed to help you see the marking on the backs of marked cards, while keeping the color of your eyes as natural as possible.

Some people refuse to wear the marked playing card glasses because they feel uncomfortable. Low-quality glasses will certainly have many problems. Wearing a pair high-quality sunglasses to see through cards will be very comfortable and keep your eyes moist. They are also incredibly clear, which is beyond belief.

Our clients will receive playing cards marked with cheating glasses in different shapes, colors and materials. The client can select any of the glasses they want. These glasses are not harmful to the eyes, but they do provide a special vision that allows us to see marked decks.


With the marked playing cards cheating sunglasses, we can analyze and process the number and the suit of every card we see. We can then calculate the poker hands and determine who may have the best poker hand, second-best hand, etc. Who else could deny that we can win the game with this method?




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