Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck Blue & Red

The Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck is currently the most popular among magicians. And Bicycle playing card is one of the most common poker brands. Therefore, in the show, the audience…

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Bicycle’s Ultimate Marked deck is the most popular choice for magicians. The Bicycle brand of playing cards is also one of the more common brands. In the show, your audience will not be in doubt as to whether you are playing a magic card.


The secret code is on the reverse of the card. The cards are easy to read, and you don’t need to know any special marking system.


  • You can identify any card by its number or name without having to see the face.
  • You can read the identifiers on the cards without marking them yourself.
  • No need to learn codes or symbols.
  • Do not be afraid to distribute the deck.
  • The marks can be read directly and instantly to locate them.


  • The mark is easy to read and therefore easy to expose.
  • The card is made of paper, which is not as durable as the plastic cards.
  • Only for magic shows. It will be embarrassing to reveal if used in a game of poker.

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Blue / Standard Index / Do Not Need, Red / Standard Index / Do Not Need



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