How Poker Cheating Glasses Work

How Poker Cheating Glasses Work

The uncertainty of casino games like blackjack, poker or roulette can make people feel enthralled and excited. Even though some players are very good at poker and have excellent strategies, they still depend on luck to win. This uncertainty stimulates people’s adrenaline which leads to them becoming addicted to gambling. As a result, a lot of cheating tricks emerge to help them win. Poker cheating glasses are among the most effective. They can help players get more advantages and avoid losing much money.

Poker cheating glasses are made from luminous material that can read invisible ink markings on the backs of marked cards. These marks can be detected with a screen via IR camera and are not visible to naked eyes or even a phone scanner. This kind of sunglasses is very convenient to use and can be worn at any time. Wearing them in casinos can draw the attention of the audience.

Poker cheating glasses that use infrared contact lenses can also be used. These lenses are able to read the backs on the marked cards. They can help you win when gambling. These lenses are printed in invisible ink. They are perfect for gamblers that want to protect themselves. They can also prevent others from seeing the cards they hold.

This method of gambling cheating is very popular. It is similar to the X-ray gaming table. It does not need any props, and can be used on a regular gaming table. Moreover, it is more difficult to detect than the previous method. In addition, it can be used by two people to collude together.