Professional Loaded Dice for Gambler

There are a lot of different types of dice cheating devices. In this article, we will pay more attention to the loaded dice for gamblers. In fact, gravity dice, weight…

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There are many different types of cheating dice devices. In this article we will focus on the loaded dice used by gamblers. Loaded dice can also be used to describe gravity dices, weight dices, fixed dices, and mercury dices. Both of them load special items, like sand or little stones, mercury, or magnets into the dice. No matter what we fill the dice with, it is difficult to detect and cause suspicion among other players.


How do we prepare the professional loaded dice for processing? Some numbers would be painted with leaded paint, while the other side would be painted with lighter paint. It means that one side will weigh more, and be at the bottom of the number more often. Or the holes could have been deeper. You could have used the small lead shot to fill in the larger hole. To smooth out the edge, use sandpaper and a metal filing. You will need to remove any metal that extends beyond the end of your die. Use fine-grain paper to smooth any bumps. This is very important. Loaded dice is simple to use as you are only dealing with two sides.

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